Budget Binder Bundle - Coming Soon !

As you know I have been working on this binder bundle since December and its finally coming together. I will give you a little back story on how I got the idea to do this. I would get a few emails from customers that were brand new and really didn't know about cash envelopes or where to begin. I do have the binder bundle available on my website but you still need to pick your choices and that can be a lot for some people that are brand new.

Here is the link for that 

So that is how I thought of the budget binder bundle, one click and you will get all the items included. Just to make super easy. 

I've been ordering all different items to go along with the bundle, and one of the items which I wasn't going to customize was the corduroy zipper pouches, my binder fits right in it, and its so beautiful but I didn't want the label on the outside of the pouch. I wanted my label inside the pouch and even though I didn't want to wait, I believe that waiting for something that you want is so much worth it. So I ordered them custom. Here is a picture of the final product.  I am happy I didn't rush and waited. 

How adorable is she These are on the way and yes you can purchase separately ! So in between the pouches I was ordering different cash envelopes. When I make custom envelopes it takes me longer. I still enjoy it but wanted something a little more streamlined. So I have 4 different envelopes and one more on the way and I love all of them. Waiting on one more to be done. So in the meantime I said hmmm I'd like a sinking fund budget insert. So we went super basic.  These will fit all the envelopes I sell. I also added the saving challenges and had them printed so I didn't have to print them. And if customers don't want to print or may not have a printer, this would be a great option. Here is a preview of the challenges. Do you want to order or order pdf?

My brain was still thinking and creating ! Finally I wanted a mini bag, a small bag to put all your budgeting items in it and it can sit on the table or your desk and its just not to big to carry around. I searched and spoke with different suppliers, some days were good and some days weren't. Finally the one supplier name Sammie, he drew the design of what I wanted and I told him the size of what I was looking for, so I paid for a sample $150 and received it 5 days later and I was very impressed !! PERFECT ! Exactly what I was looking for.  The good news they are being made right now and once they are done within 25 days, they will be shipped and I will officially be ready to launch the budget binder bundle ! Here's a pic of mini bag, I decided to remove the heart just to make minimal and I also ordered a few plain. 

It took planning and organizing because I wanted everything to match perfectly. I already ordered the zipper bags the ones I currently use but bigger, and black boxes, so everything will match. I honestly think I have completed everything on my list and now just waiting for the bags. But I do have one special goodie that I didn't share with anyone. I ordered custom leather a6 (personal) litchi black leather zipper planners with silver rings with my logo name on bottom. I didn't go with gold because I felt it didn't match. I did however reach out to supplier to see if they can add half gold for my other customers that may want gold. So we shall see. I just think the silver matches the bag and the items I use more than gold. But that's me, so people may have more gold items. Here is a picture and this leather is really nice. Love it !

This will be announced once I get them. I will plan to share.. This is huge it will be a great addition to the bundle. I love how everything is really good quality and matches nicely. I hope you love it too !! This will be the first big project I have ever done, and I want you to be with me through the process. 

Christina xo 

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