Feb 24, 2023 My Last Day In My Office

It has finally come and there is a new chapter in my life. I have worked in an office all my life, and 2/24 will be a day to remember. It was my last day in the office and I finally transitioned to working my business full-time. This was one of the scariest decisions I had to make. I honestly have to say, it's been in the making for the past year and people would always say, "you will know when you are ready" I am just a small business I don't make a lot of sales per day, usually just depends on the day of the week and etc.  But I wanted to give it a try FULL-TIME and experience it all. Working during the day for someone else was stalling my business and honestly my happiness. I would sit and think about should I, would if, and etc. I do believe in faith and the lord, and I wanted to be able devote all of my energy towards MY business not someone else"s, and leave office politics at home. 

Trust me giving my notice was challenging, I think I gave it at least 3 times and they would convince me to stay. Finally I just had to be honest with them and myself and go. Life is too short to worry and dwell. I can only move forward and do what I enjoy most and that is my customers and followers Being able to help someone out in one way or another is satisfying enough. The products I sell I use and I think that says a lot. 

The first week home was unreal, still don't believe it. Being able to set my own schedule has been challenging. I tend to veer off and do multiple things, haha so I need a little structure.  But I am very happy I was allowed to make this decision and it will allow me to create and learn and only grow.  I work alone it's currently just me that does everything. So I need to plan, video content, content that I want to sell or launch, share my personal life in general, and share how I budget. I learn something new everyday and meet new people along the way. 

So I will take my journey one day at a time and enjoy every moment, and go through the struggles that come with a small business, happy or sad ! Thank you for reading today's post. 




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