How I Got Started With Planners

I have been a planner all my life, and until 6 years ago I didnt know there was a planner community out there. I was so intrigued, I'd search "Foxy Fix" on You Tube because I never heard of it. I didnt know what a Standard TN was. I was immediatley hooked. I never looked back and I have to say that it changed my life. I was able to enjoy what I liked, and that was planners.
I used to buy Target, Walmart and TJ Max planners (still do)  until I found the planner community. I finally found a place where I fit in and where I wasn't judged by others, this is a place where you can curate your own planner,  by deco, and inserts, and stickers, washi tape! There is no right or wrong way to do this as long as your happy with what your doing. I started with a Happy Planner. Boy, I wanted that planner so bad, I went out with my girls on a cold Sunday afternoon and ran to Michaels. I said "we'll be quick" we were there for 2 hours. After playing with the HP, I researched and that was where I learned of Foxy Fix, Kikkie K, Gillio on You Tube. I would watch every morning before work while drinking my coffee. So I decided to take he pludge and I never looked back. 
My very first A5 rings planner was from Kikki K. It was cloth and like a little turquise color wih little flowers on it.  I fell in love. I thought I was so cool. Once I found out about all of the options I fell down the rabbit hole. This is not in a bad way, this taught me about all of the other sizes and brands out there, and believe me I tried them all. I do continue to have my favorites and resorted back to A5 size. I currently use a personal wide, B6 daily (Mark Edit) and a Hobo Weeks/wallet. I enjoy all of them and it works for me. Having more than one planner might not work for alot of people, and that is ok. You have to find what works for you and stick to that. I have found if you try to emmulate what someone else is doing, it might not fit your lifestyle. I was glad I was able to try the different sizes because I was able to find what "I" liked. 
My first Foxy Fix
After purchasing the Kikki K, I wanted more, so I tried Foxy Fix, Filifax, Aura, Standrd TN, Gillio, VDS, LV - I remember when my husband bough me my first Foxy for Christmas in 2018,  I was so excited. Then I found Gillio... and say no more ! Its one of my favorite leathers out there. I still currently use Gillio planner covers. I would save up specifically for my planner hobby because they are not cheap. I love it and I wouldnt change anything in the world, I have learned so much and made so many friends and I was able to show my creative side as well, which I never thought I had. I always tell people who ask for advice, that there is no right or wrong way. But you have to do what you like and what works for you and your budget, because this hobby can get expensive. I shared a few pictures so you can see the changes I've made in my planning style. The more I learned the more I wanted. 
So please enjoy the little things in life that bring you joy, others may not understand but thats ok, just show them how awesome this planner community really is and how planning really does help with organizing. It not only helps with keeping your life organized, but it can be a mental outlet as well. Writing everything out on paper can help so much then leaving it bottled inside your head. So if you don't own a planner take the plunge and start out with a book bound or something simple for you. It will change your life, it changed mine. 
My next post will be on how I plan/organize. 

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