How I Manage Everything

Often times I get questions how I manage my time. I will give you several tips that work for me. One of the words I use and stick by is the word "procrastination". Procrastination will get in your way and stall you on completing your tasks. Here is the definition (the action of delaying or postponing something).  I try to think in my head "if I don't do it, no one will" I feel complete when my house is picked up, when there's no dishes in the sink, when the vacuuming is done. There's a sense of relief. So what shall you do if your one to procrastinate? 

First try and get into a good mindset. Think positive. If you dwell on doing the dishes for an hour, your wasting time. You could of just did the dishes instead of complain about it.

Write a list of everything you need to do.  As I complete them I will check off and highlight. That is the best part of it, crossing off your list. I try to get everything on my list done, obviously make a list that is manageable to tackle. Don't stress if you don't get everything done, just move it to the next day what you didn't complete.  

There are so many items to use to create your list of items. You can use your phone and enter all your tasks, you can use a notebook, or sticky note pad, a daily planner or your daily planner that you use. I love using the Erin Condren daily duo and I love the Mark Edit A5 daily. Honestly you just need a pad of paper. I write out what my goals should be for the day and I cross off as I go. Another system is called time blocking. You can block time on a hourly insert and you know that for example 8-9 you will be cleaning the house. Once that is done, move on to the next. .

With working a full time job, I wake up at 4:30am and make a coffee, I then check emails, and possible start to finish packaging orders, respond to emails that kind of tasks. Once 6am is here I jump in the shower and get ready for work. I leave my house at 7am and drive to work to start at 8am. My goal in all honesty is to work my business full time, so I think for 2023 I will officially be running my business full time. (fingers crossed)  I am at work all day until 4pm. I take an hour lunch which I will also take care of errands, get supplies at Joannes, or possible go to the post office, grab groceries. Then I go back to work until 4pm. 

The best part of my day is arriving back home. I love to be home. I make a coffee, change my clothes in my PJ's and jump on Instagram to say hello to all my friends, work on orders, make dinner and then go upstairs to work on my pouches until 9pm, get in back watch a little tv and do the same thing the next day (haha) Weekends are busy for me and I do try to share everything I do. 

So the key to getting things done is to really be organized and keep a list. I use my hobonichi weeks for on the go wallet.. ..



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So try and find what will work for you... check out @christinalovesplanning 

There is no happy fix is just being motivated to tackle the important things in life.  So good luck - leave me a comment on what your technique is to staying motivated. 




  • Natalee

    Hi Christina I just love your passion, enthusiasm and inspiration in all you do. I have been following you on IG for more than a year now and I can’t thank GOD enough for crossing OUR paths. ALL of your products are PHENOMENAL!!!!! I am your biggest fan, supporter and cheerleader! I look forward to watching all your reels, stories and utube videos everday and honestly can’t get enough of CLP!!!!!XO

  • Susan

    Hi Christina! I’ve been connected to your Instagram for a little while now and I would love to know HOW you use your planners, ie what is each one for? I have three for this year but end up neglecting one or two from time to time. I use Hobo Weeks, Hobo Cousin and personal inserts housed in your clear planner I bought from you. I’m going now to watch some of your YouTube videos.
    Thanks for all you do! Susan ~

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