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Hi my name is Christina and I have created Christina Loves Planning. I was just like you with money and decided that I needed to make changes.

I started to do a lot of reading and learning and finally took action. This page will help you with the products and steps I've taken. I was able to pay off debt and create an emergency fund with over 10K.  I was so obsessed I wanted to create my own products to help other woman out just like me. The following products I am going to share are the products I recommend to start with. If you would like to read my story, a little back story, here is the link that will direct you. STORY

 Our starter bundle.

The starter bundle consist of my 4 favorite starter items

Budget bundle 

Budget Planner - we do have different styles, this is the A5 linen coil

Cash binder w/ envelopes - Pick your color binder.

These are your basic starter cash envelopes categories. Groceries, Household, Eating out, Beauty, Gas, Misc. 


Set of 37 laminated saving challenges - save small amounts on the side helps with staying consistent or the 100 saving challenge binder. Saving challenges are great to incorporate, it shows determination and changing habits while staying consistent. Both I love!


Holiday Binder (to save for all your holidays)


 The starter bundle does however just come with 3 items. I wanted to share a few of my core items that I love. And always remember if you need to schedule a consult appt you can do that to. Here is another picture of the starter bundle using different options. Thank you for your interest and my goal is to make this as user friendly as possible. 

                                                                            Christina xo