How I Plan Using a To Do List

There are so many options now a days for planning  your schedule, pen and paper, and digital, I do a little of both, although I don't plan digitally, I will use my Notes/Reminders app on my phone and use my google calendar for appts, and etc. I love pen and paper. My favorite pens are Pilot G2 1.0 and Tul 1.0 and most of all my paper mate flair ! Its a thin marker and I love the way it writes and how dark it is. It doesn't bleed through when I use in my weeks. 

If I am using a A5 rings, then I need to have monthly calendar, daily, weekly, notes,  there is something about making a daily list everyday. I like going down the list and checking off or highlighting my completed tasks. I keep track of payday, appts, and bills on a 2 page monthly insert, and then I use my daily for my list of the day, what I need to do, and what I need to buy. If I am on the go I will use my notes app and list what I need to get IF I don't have my planner.
One of the things that is good about a hobo weeks, is that you can use as a wallet. So you get both a planner and your wallet. There's plenty of paper in the back so you can use for your grocery list. If you have appts then you have it with you, in the front of the book you have monthly as well, and then your weekly overview, which is enough to list your tasks and a whole page for inspiration, or gratitude, or a list of what to buy ! 
I personally like using a planner and writing everything down in it. Something gratifying when my task is completed ! Not to mention you need to stay organized not only for yourself but if you have children as well, you need to write everything down so you don't forget ! I currently use a Hobo weeks, and I also will write in my B6 daily (mark edit) I love adding my list and cute stickers to the page. 
Aside from all the cute planners and covers, planning is essentially very important task you should do daily. Every morning while drinking my coffee I will sit and write out what I need to do for the day. That’s why having a daily planning ritual is so important. Some mornings we feel motivated to seize the day and create a to-do list that reflects our big ambitions. But those days are the exception. We need to get things done even when we wake up tired and disengaged, wanting to return to bed or longing for Friday at 5am on a Monday!
Start your day by making a coffee in the morning before work or school or before the kids get up and write the most important tasks that need to get accomplished. If your not a pen and paper gal then use the "to do list" app or "notes" I love both. And you check off as you are done. That in itself is gratifying.
Habits are easier to build when we see the results of our dedication right away. Luckily, planning your day is a habit that pays off immediately. You’ll feel more organized, focused, and motivated with a plan for the hours ahead. Over time, planning your day will become second-nature.
What I have found is that I need to put my away or turn off notifications. Social media can and will take a lot of time away from your schedule if you allow it too. Hours can go by and you will take notice on how you could of been doing the laundry (at the same time).  So minimize phone use if you know you struggle in that dept.
Even though the weekends are here you still need to take care of your responsibilities, so keep a schedule and plan your day even it's its the weekend, keep that habit going. If you’re struggling to create realistic daily to-do lists that reflect all of your goals, you may have too many. So just stick to your daily to do list and create another area for your Goals and separate the two. 
I hope I inspired you to start planning your day ahead !  Check out my Sunday Routine cards, perfect for staying organized !

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