What is your WHY ?

Have you ever heard what is your why ? I have.



I am asking you this because alot of people may watch and read but they don't essentially start their own budgeting journey. Why do you think that is ? I think that people get comfortable with what they are doing and don't want to start something new. We often have to struggle and be uncomfortable in order for us to get better and feel comfortable. Does that make sense ? For example it's so easy to just swipe your card and call it a day !

We want to make small changes for you to be in control and lower your finances that you are spending by just swiping. So by using cash envelopes you have 6 categories and YOU are in control of how much you want to spend for the pay period. Maybe weekly or bi weekly but you are in control. Figure out how much you want and need to spend and just pull your cash out of the bank fill your envelopes and once its gone its gone. This will allow you stay within your budget.

The system works sometimes it just takes some time. But don't give up ! You will become proficient at it just like I did.. and I want you to feel like I do. I know that it's not easy but you will see small changes take place. I have faith in you. Leave me a comment if you have started and how you are doing.  If your new I'd like to include the BEGINNERSBUNDLE. 

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