New Envelopes / Budget Binder Giveaway 6/26/23

Christina Loves Planning

Hi friends, with so many exciting things coming to CLP I wanted to share a few with you. I have a lot of exciting products on the way but very excited for the additions of new envelopes !! Set of 6 sinking fund envelopes, which will read, Home, Utilities, Auto, Debt, Kids or Pets, Health and a set of 6 travel envelopes Pre-Travel/Accomodations, Transportation, Food, Excursions, Shopping, Other. I listened to what my customers wanted and we have it in production now. Check out the latest cash envelope design that I added below.

xo, Christina

Black Zipper Planner (NEW COLORS)

Black Zipper Planner (NEW COLORS)


This is a personal size planner (a6) which is so beautiful to hold all of your cash envelopes.

The quality in the binders is amazing, the zippers are so soft and easy to use. 

I also have another 300 that will be here July 15th. 

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Another addition to the shop, was completing all three colors of the binders ! I love the three colors ! I have the taupe zipper pouch on the way as well. So we'll have all 3 to match.

I am so amazed by the Budget Binder Bundle progress - and to be able to offer the different color binders, and bags to give my customers options. I originally started with the printed version of the saving challenges, and my customers reached out an expressed they wanted laminated. So I got them professionally laminated as well as printed.

I appreciate and love the positive feedback. So to show my gratitude I am having a giveaway on my IG page for one budget binder bundle and $100 gift card to Amazon. You can also use the code SHOP25 - start today through Monday night on ALL items (while supplies last)

Thank you, Christina xo

Laminated saving challenges !!! Beautiful !

For today through Monday I will be offering a discount of SHOP25 for reaching 30K. It will end Monday night unless I sell out and reach full capacity.

Thank you again, Christina

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